About Us & Our Farm

From our Small Farm to your Table

We began growing dry beans for sale in 2010 in a very large garden. People noticed the difference in our beans and those bought in the store. Ours didn't take as long to soak and the taste was consistently better than beans bought in the store.

It never took us long to sell out of our beans so in 2016 we purchased a farm in Hillsboro TN and began the next phase of a dream to grow, process and provide quality dry beans.... And then we decided to do more.

Our History

We began production in 2017 and have increased planted acres each year but always in a way to match demand. In 2020, we began processing bean flour due to customer demand and started production of oat flour and oatmeal in 2021 as oats are part of our crop rotation. Also in 2021, we began offering Almond, Cassava, Coconut, Rice and Tapioca Flours. We have completely separate processing, storage and packaging areas for our customers with tree nut allergens for their protection. We offer several Ready to Mix products which contain pre-measured packs so you have an easy way to make healthy dishes for your family. In the fall of 2022, we made the decision to convert our Ready to Mix products to be Corn Free & Aluminum Free by making our own Baking Powder blends. The feedback from our many satisfied customers makes it worth the effort.


All of our bean and oat products are grown on our farm in Hillsboro TN and are sold in the same season as they are harvested. Any products not sold in that time are either donated or recycled on our farm. Our additional flours are made by us from the highest quality sources using our strict processing, testing and packaging procedures. Your assurance of the freshness of our milled product is the label on the left side of each package which shows the Mill Date as well as the Batch Number for the Gluten Free Test - we maintain both the test result as well as a sample from each batch. Each product has its own unique identifier code. Shown in the picture to the left are Oatmeal, Cassava Flour and White Rice Flour batch labels.

Gluten Free Commitment

We do not purchase beans or oats from outside sources. We do not use Glyphosate or Glyphosate-based products in the growth or harvest of our crops. Since we grow and process everything you see, we don't have to worry about suppliers not delivering as promised or selling you something that isn't what we promised. All of the seed we use is certified Non GMO and we maintain records from our suppliers. Beans, Oats and Corn are naturally Gluten Free and we do not grow any gluten-containing crops on our land. We also do not grow Corn or Soy so those allergens are eliminated. Since we process everything ourselves, the primary source of gluten contamination (cross-contamination) is eliminated. To maintain our Gluten Free Commitment, we test all of our products to below 10 ppm (the FDA requirement is less than 20 ppm) so we provide an extra layer of assurance to anyone who follows a Gluten Free diet.