Egg Facts and Information for Gluten Free and Vegan Baking


So the recipe that called for using eggs or an egg substitute didn’t turn out as you thought it would?  

There are four things at play:

1)     Temperature: All eggs used in a recipe should be room temperature.  It does make a difference

2)     Egg-flation (egg-fla-shen): Although there is a standard by which eggs are graded, it seems that what used to be graded large in the store is now really medium-large and so forth. The quick answer is to use another egg but see below.

3)     Egg Sources and Environment: Different growers use different methods to care for their chickens including feed.  On top of that, the properties of eggs are also affected by weather conditions. This is a little trickier and takes a little more time but is still an easy fix.  If the dough or batter is too pick, that’s another egg – if too thin, you need some (some) additional flour or dry ingredient but be careful not to overdo either way.  Never get in a hurry, mix per directions first and then look at the batter/dough before adding or doing anything different.  It’s just a few more minutes to get your dish right!

4)     Egg Substitute: You didn’t use the correct substitute or amount.  We do offer suggestions in our recipes but it’s more about you learning what works.  (It’s OK, we’ll show you alternatives to the right!)


Gluten Free, Vegan Egg Substitutes

A lot of people know about the Flax Substitute but there are others and there is no magic silver bullet – each substitute has recipes that are more receptive such as our Oat Flour Pancake Mix which likes the Arrowroot substitute shown below.  We also have people who use the Apple sauce version with our Buttermilk Pancakes:

1)     Flax Seed Egg Substitute: 1 Tbsp Ground Flax Seed, 2.5-3 Tbsp Warm Water – Mix well and let sit, then mix again before adding.  This is the most common substitute but not the only one out there!

2)     Arrowroot Egg Substitute: 1 Tbsp Arrowroot, 1 Tbsp Warm Water(or Double both amounts if needed) – Mix well and add.  Just as a note, the recipes should have baking powder and/or baking soda listed.

3)     Applesauce or Banana Egg Substitute: 1/4 Cup Pureed Applesauce or 1/4 Cup well-mashed Bananas – Add as is.

4)   Chia Seed Egg Substitute: 1.5 Tbsp Chia Seed, 2 Tbsp Hot Water– Mix well and let sit, then mix again before adding.