Margarita Grilled Chicken


2 cups of black beans

1 cup of rice

1 lb of chicken

1 margarita chicken marinade (1/2 cup Italian Dressing and dry margarita mix)

lime juice


This is a really easy recipe and good for you! The recipe is enough for four. Prepare, soak and cook 2 cups of black beans - any method. Cook enough rice to equal 2 cups cooked - we prefer yellow rice for this meal.

Before the rice and beans, marinate about a pound of boneless chicken separated into larger pieces in a container with Margarita Mix (powdered, like you buy in the store) and Italian Dressing for about 2 hours with lime juice.

Time the beans and rice so that you are ready to serve as you really want to grill the chicken once on each side so its tender but properly cooked and they are ready at the same time - use sliced limes on the chicken while cooking to add more zest and help keep the chicken moist. Place the chicken over the beans and rice or side by side. Add some florets for more color. Enjoy!

Place in left over black beans in a container and refrigerate to use with a salad or store the rice and beans together in the refrigerator for a quick and hearty snack or small meal. They will keep this way for about 3 days.