Red Beans And Rice


2 Cups of Red Beans

12 ounces of Kielbasa Sausage





This is the easy way to make delicious Red Beans & Rice! We use the Crock Pot but you can use other methods as well with adjustments. Take 2 Cups of Red Beans and prep as described in Prep & Storage. Use 12 ounces of Kielbasa Sausage sliced and browned in a pan. When done, place in a crock pot with water about an inch above the mixture with some garlic. Salt can be added either now or later when the beans begin to smell like beans.

Heat on high for 2 hours and then low for about 6 hours. As you get near the end, cook some rice (2 cups after cooking) using either white, brown or yellow rice (we prefer yellow). Place the rice on a plate or in a serving bowl and cover with the beans and sausage - don't forget to use the broth you make, the rice will soak some of it in. This makes enough for 4. If you want it thicker, add some Red Bean Flour at the start of cooking. For a bread, try corn muffins as shown in the picture. Don't forget the hot sauce. A wonderful combination!