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Spicier Seasoning & Thickener - Bean Girl's Own Hotter Blend - Gluten Free

$ 10.00 USD
A very unique staple for cooking used in dishes when a little extra kick is desired. Indians use bean flour to thicken and add body to their dishes since they are vegetarian. Bean Girl combined our twice-milled Red Bean Flour with her own blend of spices for a wonderful and easy to use seasoning which has no salt added beyond that naturally in Cumin as well as Vietnamese Cinnamon as the flavor enhancer instead of sugar. The Bean Flour is unique because when using in cooking, it does not flavor the dish so you get the nutritional benefits but not a bean flavor. Most spice blends use sugar as well as either Wheat Flour or Starch. We use this with our Soups, Chili, Beans AND hamburger meat, taco meat, a rub for ribs, and seasoning for grilled seafood. In addition to thickening dishes, it adds a mild spice addition to the flavor of the dish you are serving. This is an "add for cooking", not an "add after you cook" spice. Ingredients: Twice Milled Red Bean Flour, Cayenne Pepper, Paprika, Chili Powder, Cumin, Oregano, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and Vietnamese Cinnamon. All tested Gluten Free and safe for Plant-Based dishes, too. Recommended for Beans, Soups, Chili, Hamburger Meat, a Rub for Ribs, Seafood and Grilled Vegetables. Net Package Weight: 7 oz (0.44 pounds)
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