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Cassava Flour and Arrowroot Pizza Crust Mix - Paleo, Gluten Free, Yeast Free - Makes 2 Pizza Crusts

$ 16.00 USD
2 Ready Mixed Packs of our Cassava and Arrowroot Flour Pizza Crust. This is a "Bake, Top, Bake" style pizza where you make the crust, bake, add the toppings and then finish baking. This Gluten and Yeast Free Blend comes with 2 individual packets inside to give you the dry ingredients to make 2 pizza crusts which are thicker and can be made. We've upgraded it to include our Corn and Aluminum Free Baking Powder (which is also Paleo) to make either a standard 14" crust or a slightly thinner 16" crust. You can even use half of packet with half of the wet ingredients to make a 10" personal pan pizza or just make the full recipe with a packet and split the dough so you can have two different toppings. The spices added provide a nice garlic tinge to the flavor of the pizza. You provide the wet ingredients and toppings needed to combine for a fresh, delicious crust! Net Package Weight: 36 oz (2.25 pounds)
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