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Cassava Bread, Bun and Biscuit Mix - Gluten Free

$ 14.00 USD
Our very popular Cassava Bread Mix which now has recipes on the back so you can also make wonderful hamburger buns and biscuits. Each Package has two (2) packs with each making one (1) loaf of shortbread (2.5" tall) or regular bread (3.5" tall using a 3.5" wide loaf pan). You can also use a pack to make 6 standard hamburger buns or 6-8 biscuits. As opposed to several gluten free breads or buns, you actually get the rise and air holes in the bread as you would with standard (non-gluten free) mixes. See the pictures for these delicious options using our Ready to Mix blend. Each package weighs 20 oz or 1.25 pounds.
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